Paper Rainbow

Everyone loves a pop of color every now and again. With this paper rainbow, you can expect the colors to be brightly lit up, shine through the papers, and really brighten a room. Here are some instructions on how to […]

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Popsicle Stick Craft

You can make virtually anything with a little help from some popsicle sticks! This is why this fun craft brings together some usual craft items along with popsicle sticks to really make the fun begin. Read on to learn about […]

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Colorful Bubbly Slime

All slime requires an additional ingredient to change it from a sloppy, gluey mixture to a pliable solid. In this slime recipe, that ingredient is saline which can be found in any pharmacy. Supplies White Glue Saline Solution Food Coloring […]

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Colorful Salt Jars

Colorful Salt Jars Almost everyone has seen colorful sand jars. However, sand can be costly which is why we used colored salt to make colorful salt jars. These colorful salt jars look identical to sand jars. They are inexpensive and […]

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Melted Stained Glass Art

Who remembers making melted stained-glass art in elementary school? This is a fun and easy art project that you and your child can make while staying warm and cozy inside. Here is some easy step by step instructions for this […]

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