paper plate mask

Paper Plate Mask

These are very common with many kids, and you’ve probably seen the craft around. Here are some simple-to-follow directions that help you create a mask to wear around.         Supplies needed Scissors Oil pastels Alien Printable Brush and watercolors Pipe cleaners, […]

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Popsicle Stick Craft

You can make virtually anything with a little help from some popsicle sticks! This is why this fun craft brings together some usual craft items along with popsicle sticks to really make the fun begin. Read on to learn about […]

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Colorful Salt Jars

Colorful Salt Jars Almost everyone has seen colorful sand jars. However, sand can be costly which is why we used colored salt to make colorful salt jars. These colorful salt jars look identical to sand jars. They are inexpensive and […]

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Melted Stained Glass Art

Who remembers making melted stained-glass art in elementary school? This is a fun and easy art project that you and your child can make while staying warm and cozy inside. Here is some easy step by step instructions for this […]

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Make Your Own Play Doh!

Everyone loves Play Doh, but parents do not love the price that comes from that salty mixture that is colored bright and fun to squish. However, there is an alternative to buying those little tubs. You’re easily able to make […]

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