Springtime Fingerprint Tree

If you enjoy the spring months and want to make a colorful tree that goes along with it, this is the craft for you. Perfect for little hands and imaginations. These crafts are also ideal for the school room!

Supplies needed

Directions for making Spring fingerprint tree kid craft

  • Make a tree template of the kid’s hand on a colored paper and cut it. You are going to use this as a tree trunk template
  • Prepare some paint that the kids will use by putting it in a place where they can press their thumbs on.
  • The kids can then tap the tree trunk template on white paper with rolled-up pieces of tape
  • Create green thumbprints for grass and ensure that they are close together along the edge of that template.
  • Create pink thumbprints around the hand area of that tree as you make sure that the thumbprints are across the edges, right now around the fingers and the hand

These easy directions are all you need to finish this awesome tree. Have all the little ones make one and show them off today!