Popsicle Stick Craft

You can make virtually anything with a little help from some popsicle sticks! This is why this fun craft brings together some usual craft items along with popsicle sticks to really make the fun begin. Read on to learn about these fun crafts and how you can make them today!

Materials Needed:

Directions for making Popsicle stick kids craft

  • Print a Gnome Puppet Template (you can get it online)
  • Choose colors of construction paper for every template piece that is, the heart shapes, nose, body, beard, hat, and braids.
  • Find the pieces of templates on the construction paper and cut each of them out.
  • If you are making a male gnome, stick the nose closely above the beard piece. With the female gnome, stick the nose closely above the body piece.
  • Stick the beard on the upper side of the male gnome body piece. 
  • Glue the braid pieces on both the body piece sides of the female gnome
  • Stick the small pieces of the heart on the paper hats
  • Stick the paper hats on the upper areas of the gnomes’ bodies. They should overlap the top side of the nose lightly.
  • Put the paper gnomes on the popsicle sticks to finish the craft.
  • If you want, you can add a heart on the tummies of the gnomes.

That’s all you need to do to create the perfect crafts for the smallest of hands!