Paper Rainbow

Everyone loves a pop of color every now and again. With this paper rainbow, you can expect the colors to be brightly lit up, shine through the papers, and really brighten a room. Here are some instructions on how to make your own paper rainbow. 

Materials needed

Directions for making your own paper rainbow 

  • Each color of the rainbow needs a single string of paper.
  • Cut the strips ( a nice activity to teach kids rainbow colors). Make sure you cut a cloud shape.
  • Stick the colorful paper strips on a side of the cloud and allow the glue to dry.
  • Turn over the rainbow cloud cover. Draw the eyes or glue on two wiggle eye stickers
  • With that, your paper rainbow kid craft will be ready.

Just a few simple steps get you to where you really want to be when it comes to having that colorful rainbow. Even the smallest of hands can do this craft. It’s a must-have for many preschoolers.