Paper Plate Mask

These are very common with many kids, and you’ve probably seen the craft around. Here are some simple-to-follow directions that help you create a mask to wear around. 

       Supplies needed

Directions for making paper plate mask

  • Print the paper plate mask template
  • Line the curved top of that template roughly to your paper’s curved top then trace it around
  • Cut out the bottom of the mask with scissors. 
  • Cut out the eyes using a cutting mat and a utility knife
  • Now it’s time to color. Make some patterns on the mask using your oil pastels. Use any pattern from the paper plate and add other patterns.
  • After coloring, paint over your mask with watercolors, color the white locations.
  • Finally, trim the top of the mask, then punch a hole on any side of the mask. You can then thread some elastic through, a pipe cleaner, or a string so that it can fit the child’s head.

Once you have it all cut out and put together, slip it on your head and you’re off. It is that easy to create the best possible look for a mask that you made yourself!