Krafty Kid Paper Plate Chick Craft

If you are looking for a simple and inexpensive craft for kids, you found it. Also, this Krafty Kid Paper Plate Chick Craft is perfect for welcoming in spring with its warmer temperatures, green grass, and blue skies. To learn how to make this wonderful craft with your favorite toddler, continue reading.

Supplies You Will Need

Step One

Gather your supplies and have your child paint the back of the paper plate yellow.

Step Two

Ask your toddler to trace their hands on some yellow construction paper while the paint is drying.

Step Three

For step three, cut out your child’s handprints with scissors. Next, glue the handprints to the back of the fully dried paper plate.

Step Four

Now, cut put two small orange hearts, one small orange petal shape, and two 6-inch strips of orange paper.

Step Five

To make the krafty chick’s legs, glue the orange hearts to the orange strips. Next, using the tacky craft glue, glue to yellow chick’s legs to the back of the paper plate.

Step Six

First, fold the petal shape in half. Then, glue the petal shape to the middle of the yellow plate to create the bird’s beak.

Step Seven

Finally, glue both eyes above the chick’s orange beak.

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