Flying Saucer Craft

If you want to live like the other half, then this is where you can go to find the aliens that you’re after. Enjoy the perks of flying around in a saucer to get to where you need to go. Make your own today.

Supplies Needed:

Directions for making the flying saucer craft

  • Using the templates, cut out the spaceship pieces
  • Stick the protractor shape together with the long oval shape to create a base for the spaceship
  • You can then stick the bigger circular pieces on the base of the spaceship
  • Stick the similar pieces of the circular on the center of the bigger circles from the last step
  • Glue the small round pieces on one end of the two long red paper strips
  • Next is to stick both strips diagonally on the spaceship back
  • Take the alien’s pieces then fold the green paper strip to form a “V” shape
  • Glue the alien on the upper part of the spaceship
  • Stick the googly eye on the alien
  • With a black and pink marker pen, draw the mouth of the alien

Your alien ship is now ready! Make sure to get the most out of the ride you just made. Just be careful you don’t call in the wrong people! Or aliens!