Colorful Bubbly Slime

All slime requires an additional ingredient to change it from a sloppy, gluey mixture to a pliable solid. In this slime recipe, that ingredient is saline which can be found in any pharmacy.



Step One

Measure one cup of shaving cream, one cup of white glue, two teaspoons saline solution, food coloring, and one teaspoon baking soda in separate bowls; set aside for later.

Step Two

Mix the glue and baking soda in a large mixing bowl.

Step Three

Combine the shaving cream into the mixture and mix until the consistency is fluffy and thick.

Step Four

Add a few drops of your preferred color of food coloring to the gluey mixture until the desired color is reached.

Step Five

To remove the stickiness from the mixture of slime, add the two teaspoons of saline solution and combine. Add more drops of saline until the desired texture is reached.

Step Six

Enjoy your colored bubbly slime!

Slime lasts about two days when properly sealed in an air-tight container. Once the slime has dried, simply run it under warm water.