Bubble Picture Frame

Bubble picture frame is an easy and personalized Krafty craft for children of almost any age. They also make wonderful gifts for the family.


Four Easy Steps

Step One: Prep

Adhere your photograph to the cardboard using craft glue. Next, attach the four ice cream sticks around your photograph by using craft glue. Finally, with scissors, trim the cardboard so that it is slightly larger than your photo. Put aside to dry.

Step Two: Paint

Place newspaper on a table. Set puzzle pieces, face up. Two to three coats of paint might be required depending on the darkness of your puzzle pieces. Allow the puzzle pieces to completely dry.

Once dry, use the sponge to paint light blue “here and there” on the puzzle pieces.

Step Three: Glue

With hot glue, stick the fifteen puzzle pieces to the four ice cream sticks. Overlap puzzle pieces to ensure that there will be no gaps in between puzzle pieces.

Step Four: Decorate

Once the puzzle pieces are hot glued in place, adhere the gems to the frame with hot glue. Be sure to alternate small, medium, and large craft gems to look like floating bubbles. If desired, stick on two small fish stickers for decoration.

Finally, hang the bubble picture frame and enjoy!