Melted Stained Glass Art

Who remembers making melted stained-glass art in elementary school? This is a fun and easy art project that you and your child can make while staying warm and cozy inside. Here is some easy step by step instructions for this art project:

Materials You Will Need

Step by Step Instructions

Step One: Collect some crayons

While regular crayons work fine for this project, chunky toddler crayons work the best. This is due to how easy and fast they are to grate.

Step Two: Grate Crayons

Produce crayon shavings by grating them on a pencil sharpener or cheese grater. If you are using a cheese grater, be careful with your fingers.

Although this step looks like it is no fun and a lot of work, kids do love this step.

Be sure to keep shavings separated by color in cups or a muffin pan. Unless of course, you and your child enjoy mixed colors.

Step Four: Add Shavings to Wax Paper

Tear or cut a sheet of wax paper. Crease to center by folding the wax paper in half. Next, unfold the wax paper.

Add the shavings to one side of your paper. Do this in any design or pattern that you wish. Keep in mind, crayon shavings go a long way. You will only need a small number of shavings.

Next, refold the wax paper to make a sandwich over the shavings.

Step Five: Iron Wax Paper

Set the crayon shaving wax paper on plain paper or newspaper and move to your ironing board. If you do not have an ironing board a towel on the floor will do fine. Now, set another piece of paper over it.

Set the iron on low heat then run your it over the crayon shaving wax paper sandwich evenly and slowly to melt the crayon shavings.

Uncover your new melted crayon-stained glass art by lifting off the top paper.

If you notice any areas where the crayon shavings did not melt, put the top paper back down and re-iron those parts.

To reveal your new design, hold your artwork up to the light. When the sun shines through the window, you can expect to see some lovely colors.

Step Six: Add Details

Add details to your stained-glass artwork by using sharpie markers.

Enjoy your new stain-glass artwork by taping it directly on your windows or add a frame with some construction paper.

Have fun with your kids by completing this Krafty craft any time.