Colorful Salt Jars

Colorful Salt Jars

Almost everyone has seen colorful sand jars. However, sand can be costly which is why we used colored salt to make colorful salt jars. These colorful salt jars look identical to sand jars. They are inexpensive and easy and fun to make for almost any age.

Materials Needed

Step One

First, you must clean out and remove any labels from your recycled jars. If you are having issues removing the labels, simply soak them in soapy water and they should peel off easily.

Step Two

Next, spray paint your jar lids gold or any color you like. Let dry.  

Step Three

Pour one cup of table salt into one of the resealable bags.

Step Four

To start, add a few drops of food coloring to the salt. Seal and shake the resealable bag. This is to distribute the food coloring among the salt. Be sure not to use too much food coloring as the salt will become clumpy and too wet. If you require more coloring, only add a few drops at a time. If clumps are formed simply scoop them out of the bag or keep mixing until it is gone.

Continue steps three and four with a variety of colors until all your salt is colored.

Step Five

Pour each color of salt into individual small bowls. These bowls will be used for scooping.

Step Six

It is now time to create your salt jars. Using small spoons and a funnel, have the kids add the various colors into your recycled jars. The colored salt can be layered in any color combination. There is no wrong combination.

Step Seven

Continue filling each jar until it reaches the top. If colored salt settles too much you can always add more to the jar.

Finished jars can be used as gifts for Mother’s Day, Birthdays, or keep one for yourself.