Windsocks Made From Tin Cans


Make pretty windsocks that can sit outside on your porch and blow in the wind. They can use any of their favorite colors and the craft is so easy that just about any aged child is able to do it, with or without you.

Supplies Needed:

Directions to Make the Windsocks:

Place the masking tape around the inside of the can, this will protect hands and fingers from the sharp edges that might be lurking there since cans can be quite sharp. Have the child paint the outside of the can any way that they would like. Use acrylic paint for this part, since it is paint that will stick for some time and you don’t have to worry about it becoming too runny.

Glue the ribbons to the inside around the bottom of the can, on the open edge, to create octopus-like arms out of the bottom. This is what is going to blow in the wind and really make it stand out. Add a ribbon to the top and connect it on both ends, so that you can hang it easily on a hook outside.

That’s it!

Adapted from: Happiness is Homemade