Baby Scrapbook with Aimee J. Keepsakes

If you want to baby scrapbook and are looking for something to do, then make sure to grab a book and a box from Aimee J. Keepsakes. These cute little items provide you with everything you need to get out there and make the most of your scrapbooking capabilities while doing something that is going to be great in the future.

Let me tell you all about this product and what exactly you get when it comes to using it for your memories.

The Keepsake Box

The box itself is one of the nicest keepsake boxes that I’ve seen in quite some time. Keep everything near and dear to your little one. Such as a binki, onesie, blankie or anything else tucked safely inside.

The box is quite large so it allows you to put a lot of items right inside it. To close it, you don’t have to tie the ribbon and it will stay closed. But I like the ribbon since it gives it a finished look. Additionally, the top of the box is heavier, so you can close it and know that everything is tucked safely inside the box.

There are a few different colors to choose from. The box that I have is blue since I have a little boy. You can choose from others, depending on which catches your eye.

The Baby Scrapbook and Inserts

The baby scrapbook is one of the best parts of this set. Not only can you remember each and every date, but you can add your own touches once the papers are filled out. You can then add pictures to the pages.

Want more than what the standard book provides? Want to keep scrapbooking while the child grows? Just purchase extra inserts. They’re high quality, large and slip right into the pages that go into the scrapbook so you’re able to keep on scrapbooking even as your little becomes a big.

You can keep track of holidays, firsts and so much more. Make sure to consider this scrapbooking set when it comes to grabbing a little something more when the scrapbooking need arises.

My Overall Thoughts on the Package

I loved everything about this package. Not only is it all high quality and durable, but it covered just about every memory base that I could think of. When my son gets older, I really hope to hand him the book so that he can learn more about himself, his holidays and firsts. He can even show his own kids!

If the scrapbooking need arises, then make sure to check out this scrapbook when the time comes. Aimee J. Keepsakes makes beautiful products that you don’t want to miss out on!