How to Make a 2017 Dream Journal

2017 is bringing in a new you with a new year. Don’t let this year go to waste and make a change. Goals are easier to achieve when you’re able to see them spread out in front of you. What better way to make a change, be successful with it and see everything laid out then by being creative with the way that you do it?

Through the use of a 2017 dream journal, you’re easily able to plan out the next year. You can add fun stickers, notes and even areas to add events and other activities that will be happening. Much like scrapbooking or creating a planner, this new year can bring a new year with a journal that lays everything out in front of you.

Why Make a Dream Journal?

In order to understand yourself, or your life better, it is recommended that a dream journal is kept. By writing down your goals for this upcoming year as you think of them, as well as lists and other tidbits, this can be a great way to journal and record everything. Keep a separate section for the dreams that you have each night. Remember, through your dreams, you can interpret how you feel, where you are or where you want to be in life. Incorporating a few different things into the dream journal, mentioned below, you can transform the way that this upcoming year is going to go for you and how successful you’re going to be when you keep your eye on the prize.

Part Scrapbook

Part scrapbook because you can decorate the dream journal anyway that you’d like. Use pieces of colorful paper, enjoy adding ribbons, buttons and bows. Go with cut outs of favorite shapes or items. Color through the pages, add pictures that you take throughout the year. Be creative and make it your own. The decorative pieces that you can use to decorate your journal are endless and you can keep adding to the pages that you write on as you go.

Part Bullet Journal

Bullet journals provide the user with a way to quickly jot down notes, lists or other information while also keeping it organized. Bullet journals help users get more productive in the things that they do. You can jot down notes and enjoy more out of life with the ability to write down their plans for the future. With just bullet points, your whole life can be planned out in front of your eyes.

Part Diary

Diaries are great since you can record your thoughts, feelings and goals in one area. The dream journal is great for doing all of the above. Diaries are ideal when you want to make sure that you’re not bottling anything. When you write down your dreams, you can also write down how they made you feel, how you woke up and what you think they mean. Diaries are private though, so depending on how private you want yours to be, you might want to add a lock.

This visual diary for the new year is going to help you plan to be successful. When you can see the goals that you have in front of you, you’re more likely to accomplish them. It is your journal, decorate and use it how you’d like. Start the new year off great with a way to find out more about yourself, create goals and reach them with the help of a spot that you can record everything in. With plenty of plans for the future, this journal helps to also keep you organized while creating an awesome pastime and hobby.