Salt and Flour Homemade Paint

If you ever want to make sure that the paint never runs out and is safe for all little ones to use, then consider making your own salt and flour homemade paint. This is one of the best recipes out there that is not only non-toxic, but super easy to make and the colors come out awesome.

Materials Needed:

Directions for Making Homemade Paint:

Blend the salt with the flour and gradually add the water to create a thick paste like consistency. Make sure there are no lumps, since the mixture has to be smooth in order to qualify as a homemade paint.

Divide the mixture up into three different sandwich bags and add food coloring of your choice to each of the bags. Squish the bags to blend the colors into the mix well, so that none of the white shows through the homemade paint mix.

Add a bit of extra water to the bags if you need a thinner paint that needs to go through the bottles.

You can double the recipe to make six colors and so on, the options are endless.

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