Homemade Bath Paint for Bubble Time Fun!

Bath paint can be a great addition to bath time. However, a lot of the paints that are found on the market are harder to clean off and can create a larger mess than you originally wanted. With this homemade bath paint, not only can you have an unlimited supply of bath paint, but you can ensure that it is easily cleanable and non-toxic so that it is safe for all little ones to use.

Materials Needed:

  • Quarter Cup of Shampoo or Body Wash (Whatever you have lying around will do)
  • Quarter Cup Corn Starch
  • 1 – 2 Tablespoons of Water
  • 4 Drops Food Coloring
  • Little Containers to Put it In
  • Paint Brushes (or fingers work just as well)

Directions for Making Your Homemade Bath Paint

Combine the food coloring, corn starch and shampoo together. Mix this very well to give it a smooth consistency that you would find with paint. This will make it easier for the children to paint with.

Add a half teaspoon of water into the mixture so that it thins out. However, you do not want to make it too thin since it will be runny. It should be thick enough to stick to the paint brush without running everything, but thin enough to easily paint with.

This recipe is for one of the jars worth of bath paint, to make different colors then re-do the process.

Adapted from: http://kojo-designs.com/2013/05/homemade-bath-paint-recipe/